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Village of Mary, Mother of God


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 Welcome to the Village of Mary, Mother of God

Village of Mary, Mother of God is the National Marian Shrine located in Subukia 40 km from Nakuru. The Shrine belongs to the Kenya Episcopal Conference and is entrusted to the care of Conventual Franciscan Friars. It is a place of peace, prayer, reconciliation and rest. You are welcome to visit us and spend some time in prayer and meditation.  
  At the foot of the hill you will find a little chapel of Mary Mother of God in which you can spend some time. The new chapel was blessed on 11th of December 2010 by very Rev. Fr. Laurence Mbogo the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru. And if you venture up the hill, you will find another chapel with the statue of Our Lady and the miraculous spring of water. Spend some time there, drink the water and you will come down refreshed both physically and spiritually. If you are coming as an organized group, please inform in advance the Director of the Shrine, so that we can be of better service to you.   
    11th September 2010 was the ceremony of breaking the ground.
The construction of the Shrine Church has begun.  
   building new church
The construction of the Church is going quite well although not without challenges. The excavation and settling the foundation took a lot of time. Another challenge was to settle the big balcony with different levels and corners, but thanks be to God the work is done. We have just finished the works of the last beam which will hold the entire roof. The windows, inner chapels and sacristy are finished. Presently we are working on the roof. 038

galery of pilgrims



The prayerful environment and the

nature of the place helps pilgrims

to find a deep relationship with

God. Whoever comes to the Shrine

goes back different. 

Come and see.

monthly attendance

Prayer day for Catholic

Women Association






The Conventual Franciscan Friars came 

to take care of the Shrine on 6th of

October 2006. They are four priests

available any time to assist the pilgrims

and take care of the Shrine. 


calendar of the events

for the year 2014

road to the sanctuary 384_99_90

contact us


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The Church (50m in diameter) is designed on the image of the Crown of Mary. It has 12 corners symbolizing 12 stars in Mary's Crown and surrounded by 12 Apostles (pillars of the Church), with capacity of 4500 seats. There are two smaller chapels, two offices and two sacristies. Underground is a smaller church (for 500 people), sacristy three conferences rooms and sanitaria. 


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Support the construction of the Shrine Church

Be a part of the Church in Kenya as we have started the construction of the Shrine Church.

Through M-Pesa:
- go to Pay Bill
- Business No: 511500
- Account No: 511500

- proceed to fill the amount
- finalize the transaction


Through NIC Bank

- NIC House Branch
- A/c name: Subukia Shrine
- A/c no: 1110000605


You are also welcome to bring your contribution directly to the Shrine in Subukia.



May the Lord and our Mother Mary grant all your prayers!